Monday, November 22, 2010

Good party, good karma

I've been to weddings that weren't as posh as the book-release shindig thrown by Gilbertsville author Tamara Rollins at Pottstown's Quality Inn on Sunday.

Rollins not only did the hard part: She wrote a book, "Karma Always Catches Up With You" (Createspace, 200 pp., $12.99, to be released December 2010 ... that's the bookcover on her cake at left!), she also planned her party, decorated the room, made all the centerpieces herself, played hostess AND cooked all the food.

Did I mention she's a mom of 4? And all four children were at this party, dressed to the nines and perfectly behaved?

There was also an opportunity to pre-order a copy of Rollins' book, which you can pick up Rollins' book on starting in early December.

Rollins (that's her at right, posing next to a photo from her bookcover) sent me these photos taken at her party.

Congrats to the author!

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