Thursday, December 29, 2011

E-readers: Love 'em or ignore 'em?

The Kindle Fire (AP Photo)
What's your take on e-readers?

I'm ashamed to admit this as a book blogger and avid reader, but I've been resisting them - just the idea of them. I stare at too-small copy on a not-big-enough computer monitor all day and peering at more text on screen when I get home just doesn't appeal to me (though I admit I often end up staring at the tiny screen of my iPhone all night anyway).

Also, the popular electronic devices seem to me to foreshadow the death of print journalism ... which is my bread and butter. On sheer principle I've been sticking to my beloved paper-and-ink filled diversions.

But it looks like I may be in the minority with this skeptical approach. Amazon reported Thursday that 2011 was the 'best holiday ever' for its Kindle-brand e-readers and tablet computers. Inc. said Thursday that people bought more than 1 million Kindles each week in December. A million a week? That's impressive.

Since the launch of the first Kindle in 2007, this franchise has grown to include several e-readers and the Kindle Fire tablet.

Per AP, the Kindle Fire is expected to be one of the first true competitors to Apple's iPad, and has been the best-selling product on its site since it was introduced 13 weeks ago.

The lowest-cost version of the Kindle is an attractive and affordable (for most) $79.

Even so, the iPad is still expected outsell all other tablets, including the $199 Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Inc.'s new $249 Nook Tablet. The iPad starts at $499.

If you have an e-reader and love it (or just like it a lot) and could see clear to explain to me why it's a better alternative than curling up with a good book at night, I'd love to read your comment!


Tracie R said...

I'm with you, Michelle. After looking at a computer all day I'd rather read a real, paper book. Plus there's something nice about a bookshelf full of your favorite books. You don't get that with an e-reader!

Diana Guess said...

@ Tracie R- I agree with you, but we must admit that the technology has grown and we can find many interesting devices. Personally, I love to read both ways, because I travel a lot and I can't take those heavy books with me :D So I visit All You Can Books daily to see if I can find my favorite books and with just one click they are mine :D