Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Royersford author self-publishes debut novel

Royersford author Michael McManus has published his debut novel, "The 51st State" (Outskirts Press, 2011, 5 x 8 paperback, 337 pp., $23.95; Hardcover: $37.95 ), a political fiction book.

The self-published book is available on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To learn more, visit

Below is a summary of the novel released by Outskirts Press:

When U.S. diplomat Jack Locke is contacted by an old friend about a suspicious conversation regarding a month-old plane crash, he doubts it’s anything interesting. After all, Locke is used to dealing with the most delicate and dangerous tasks in American Intelligence. But Locke soon finds out that the plane crash is part of a hornet’s nest of deceit, power plays, and covert operations which run deeper than anything this experienced operative has ever seen.

Locke finds himself in a race against time, matching wits against the Shepherds, a clandestine group of international billionaires who are plotting to overthrow the U.S. government. If they are successful, the map of the Western hemisphere will be altered permanently, and several governments will topple. Locke’s attempt to abort a threatened assassination triggers an incredible series of events, uncovering corruption in organized labor, the military, the Republican administration … and even the White House itself.

As events unfurl with lightning speed and the body count rises, will Jack Locke live to see the results of his amazing skill? The 51st State presents an all-too-plausible story about how life as we know it could change overnight, and also gives us a hero whose daring and integrity embody the best kind of patriotism.

A native of Lynn, Mass., McManus graduated from the General Electric Apprentice Program in 1970. He worked for The International Union of Electrical Workers for more than 10 years and was ultimately selected for a position on its New England Region executive board. He returned to work for General Electric, where he remained involved with both air and sea military propulsion manufacturing until his early retirement in 1997. Since then he has worked as a consultant for labor contract negotiations. McManus resides in Royersford with his wife, Linda. They have three grown children and a number of grandchildren.

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