Friday, April 22, 2011

That new-book smell soon available in perfume form

If, like me, you love the smell of books, then fashion designer Karl Lagerfield may have just the ticket for you.

A German newspaper reported Thursday that Lagerfeld is creating a
fragrance that replicates the smell of books.

Apparently his inspiration came from society's digital overload and the olfactory vacuum it cause
s. There are presumably lots of people out there with Kindles and iPads and so forth who are missing the smell of paper.

The paper,
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), said Lagerfeld (Pictured at right in his library .... which looks to me to be a lot of PICTURE books) has more than 300,000 volumes in his famous personal library and is "already working on the fragrance with his publisher of choice, Steidl, which distributes most of the designer's photography books."

FAZ reports that the fragrance, Paper Passion, will be sold inside a hardcover book with the pages hollowed out to hold the bottle. It will be developed with Berlin perfumer Geza Schön, who told the paper that "the fragrance will have a fatty note," probably along the lines of linoleum, and that he was taking his inspiration from the smell of printed and unprinted paper.

According to an article in The Independent, those who can't wait until Lagerfeld's paper-inspired perfume comes out have some similar choices already on the market. These include Demeter's "Paperback," and Zadig & Voltaire's "Tome 1."

While I do love the smell of books, I'm not convinced smelling like one would be a good thing. Nonetheless I'm curious about the Demeter scent (I'm a fan of their "Snow" perfume ... a fresh smell I like).

How about you? Would you want to sample Lagerfeld's latest?

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