Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Had enough of the royal couple? If not, here's the comic book

Royal wedding mania has come to print ... in the form of a comic book.

Due out today, just two days prior to the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, is a biography comic book and graphic novel from Bluewater Productions that depicts their 8-year romance.

“The Royals: Prince William & Kate Middleton,” written by CW Cooke and illustrated by Pablo Martinena, "has been one of Bluewater’s most anticipated biography books,” said Darren Davis, president of Bluewater, in a press release.

He added, “Fans of the royal couple will love this issue for portraying William and Kate as two well-rounded and grounded individuals. But it also has enough pomp and spectacle to match the excitement surrounding the event.”

The 32-page comic book retails for $3.99. To find a comic book store near you go to

The special collector's edition 40-page graphic novel retails for $7.99, and will be carried by chain stores including Barnes & Noble and Borders and online at The distributor predicts the books will sell out today.

“There was considerable spectacle and buzz 30 years ago when Charles and Diana got married," Davis said. “But I think
this wedding surpasses that one simply because it offers a diversion from the constant barrage of news of war, economic hardships and political enmity. It’s simply a good news story that’s a bit larger than life.”

Bluewater also announced that another William’s brother Harry will be featured in a book this August. At left is the cover.

Also still available is the "Female Force: Princess Diana" comic book.
At right is the cover.

Bluewater Productions ( is an independent production studio of comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. Its catalog includes bestsellers “10th Muse” and “The Legend of Isis” Bluewater publishes comic books in partnership with actor William Shatner (“TekWar Chronicles”), filmmaker Ray Harryhausen (“Wrath of the Titans,” “Sinbad: Rogue of Mars,” “Jason and the Argonauts,” et al) and actor Vincent Price (“Vincent Price Presents”).

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