Friday, November 12, 2010

Gilbertsville author extends open invitation to book release party

Recently, Gilbertsville resident and new author Tamara Rollins (pictured at left) contacted me to invite the ENTIRE Mercury editorial staff to her upcoming book release party.

This happens sometimes before people realize what generally obnoxious people actually work at the paper (that’s a JOKE, fellow staffers ... I’m sure you will be a delightful addition to Rollins’ party!)

As it turns out, she’s invited, well, everyone to this celebratory shindig.

Rollins will be holding a release party for her first novel, “Karma Always Catches Up With You” ($12.99, Createspace, 200 pp.) at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 21, at the Quality Inn at 61 W. King St., Pottstown.

This is an public event where people will have the opportunity to pre-order a copy of Rollins’ book, a self-published work of fiction.

“There will be food, music and dancing, so I’m encouraging as many people as possible to come out and have a good time,” Rollins said.

A photo that Rollins kindly provided from her book's cover is at right.

Below is a description of the novel by freelance editor and author JC Reveal:

“Tamara Rollins has created ‘Everywoman’ in her character of Karma Jones — a young woman driven by a desire to raise herself and her mother out of the depths of despair, and into an elite society. Karma achieves her goal, but not until she has risen to the top of the entertainment world, only to plummet to its depths through the manipulation of the perfect villain — Karma’s husband, Todd. The reader experiences Karma’s trials and tribulations as they happen and discovers, as Karma does, that happy endings really do happen.

Rollins' debut novel, “Karma Always Catches Up With You” will be released in early December and will be available for purchase on


Juanita Bailey said...

I love this author! I read her novel "Karma Always Catches up With You" An excellent read from the very start to the end. I can't wait until her next novel.

Yashmin Owens said...

Tamara Rollins is truly a talented author, "Karma Always Catches Up With You" is worth the read, I highly recommend it!

De'Sean Rouse said...

I love her work. I'm ordering the new book today. I'm going to tell all of my clients in the salon. She writes in real life terms that are relatable to the average person.