Friday, September 21, 2012

Pottstown author of fantasy books to launch 3rd novel, 'Curse Bearer'

Pottstown author Rebecca Minor is set to release her latest fantasy novel, "Curse Bearer," on Oct. 14.

"Curse Bearer: Book 1 in The Risen Age Archive" (OtherSheep Books, 2012) is Minor's third novel to be published, but is first book she set out to write when she began her writing efforts five years ago. 

Minor took an unusual, and quite technologically advanced tack to fund marketing efforts for her book - she started a campaign on Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects. Minor set a goal of $3,500 and launched the Kickstarter effort Aug. 25. About three weeks later, with 32 backers, Minor met and surpassed her goal (funding levels hit $3,587 on Sept. 16). 

Minor is using that Kickstarter money on targeted advertising campaigns as well as signing and book launch events. The biggest of these is a private release event for backers and the press to be held at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in October. (What better location for the launch of a fantasy novel than the Renaissance Faire?)

Additionally, the funds will be used to "mitigate the cost of the cover art for the book, because I believe adamantly that artists deserve to be paid for their talent. After all, a great cover is great advertising, since people do judge a book by its cover," Minor wrote on her Kickstarter launch page.

To view to Minor's successful Kickstarter campaign to fund marketing efforts for her book, click here.

The release party, according to Minor's husband and enthusiastic public relations director, Scott, is "an opportunity to support her success in funding a marketing campaign that defies convention for what 'small publishers' have the resources to do, and thus leave a good book to flounder unheard of."

Book summary:

When Danae Baledric, alchemist’s apprentice, undertakes a journey to find a cure for a degenerative malady that’s killing her father, her search uncovers a series of life-altering revelations. Her father’s illness is part of a plot to enslave him. In addition, the forces of Darkness hunt Danae, intent upon collecting a debt she owes for drawing upon magical power whose cost she’s never understood. A commitment to a life of service to her Creator offers both deliverance from this debt and the power to intervene on her father’s behalf. But something bars Danae from claiming redemption — her insistence she must achieve her goals in her own strength.

It’s an epic tale of curses and miracles, where headstrong ignorance creates bondage, and the desire to serve offers freedom.

Read the first chapter.

The book is available for pre-orders on and will be available as of Oct. 1. Here is a link to Minor's author page on Amazon:

About the author:

Rebecca Minor draws narrative experience from a BFA in animation from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Since her graduation in 1997, she has worked as a game animator, freelance artist, full-time mom, teacher, and sheet music customer service representative. She is the author of "The Windrider Saga," serial fantasy fiction published in paperback form in Feb 2012 by Diminished Media Group.

On her blog, Call of the Creator, (, Minor writes about anything from fantasy reading and writing to the life of mother and wife. In addition to writing, she also creates occasional illustrations, three of which will appear in Port yonder Press's "The Book of Silvari: An Anthology of Elves."

Minor is currently writing "The Windrider Saga: Book 3" and the sequel to "Curse Bearer," which is already written but is yet unnamed. 

Rebecca resides in Pottstown, PA with her husband and three sons, whom she is slowly infusing with a love of fantasy, one member at a time.

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