Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Herr's founder writes about 'Life with Flavor'

For all you snack lovers, the following comes from a press release I received recently from Chester County writer and publisher Bruce Mowday:

Life with Flavor: A Personal History of Herr’s
Jim Herr, founder of international snack food company, writes about business, life

          OXFORD, Pennsylvania - A new book, Life with Flavor: A Personal History of Herr’s is now available for pre-ordering through New York Publisher Barricade Books and internet sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

            President George H. W. Bush endorsed the book and wrote, “If you want valuable guidance on how to succeed in business and, more importantly, how to succeed in life, then Life with Flavor is a must read. Meet Jim Herr and learn. And whatever you do, do NOT skip Mim’s Notes in the Epilogue!” 

The story of the lives of James S. Herr and Miriam Hershey Herr are contained in the book and could have been taken directly from pages written by the 19th-century author Horatio Alger, who wrote novels about hard-working Americans gaining success through their determination and honesty.

With a $1,750 loan Jim and Mim Herr built Herr Foods from a small, one-kettle potato chip concern in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to one of the major snack food companies in the nation.

Jim Herr authored the book along with his daughter June Herr Gunden and author Bruce E. Mowday. Jim shares his experiences, from the difficulties to the triumphs, to help readers apply some of his life lessons to their life and work. Jim’s passion was to fan into flame the entrepreneurial spirit. He encourages readers to look for opportunities, invest energy wisely and to seek guidance from your Creator. He also believed that small business makes the United States strong.

The book costs $22 and can be obtained by pre-ordering through amazon.com, bn.com, barricadebooks.com and by contacting Mowday at mowday@mowday.com.

Herr, who died just before the book was printed, was a member of a number of national business organizations, local civic organizations and the Mennonite church, which he actively supported. He also was a philanthropist.

Joining President Bush in endorsing this book are former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge; Congressman Joseph R. Pitts; Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse; Bill Giles, Chairman of the Philadelphia Phillies; Dick Wood, Chairman of Wawa; Dan Danner, President of the National Federation of Independent Businesses; James McCarthy, President of the Snack Food Association; Mark Taylor, President of Tyndale House Publishers; and John Haggai, Chairman of the Haggai Institute.

“Jim Herr has a knack for keeping things simple. Remarkably, his wisdom is the application of simple truths to life’s challenges, and he often quotes from the biblical book of Proverbs. This book is not only for budding entrepreneurs – it will add zest and flavor to anyone’s life who applies its wisdom,” from Life with Flavor.

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