Thursday, May 10, 2012

Author Taki gives Philadelphia University students sage advice

I recently previewed the April 27 visit of Tomio Taki, author of "Zennovation: An East-West Approach to Business Success" to Philadelphia University (View that April 23 post here). Below is information and a photo provided to me by Taki's publicist following the event. If you would like to win my review copy of the book, simply comment on this blog with your email address.

Author Tomio Taki and Philadelphia University's Dr. Natalie Nixon
Philadelphia University welcomed international businessman and fashion industry expert Tomio Taki back to campus on Friday, April 27. Taki, the man behind the success of the Anne Klein and Donna Karan brands, recently launched his new book, "Zennovation: An East-West Approach to Business Success."

The audience at Philadelphia University included students, faculty, alumni, trustees and other important guests, such as Mortimer R. Feinberg, Ph.D.., Philadelphia University President Stephen Spinelli Jr. and Trustee Chair William Whitmore Jr, designer Sarah Van Aken and Mary Doughtery, owner of Philadelphia’s Nicole Miller boutiques. The presentation was then followed by a lively audience Q&A and book-signing reception.

At the event, hosted by Dr. Natalie Nixon, associate professor and director of the new Strategic Design Executive MBA program at Philadelphia University, Taki shared stories from his childhood and professional career. He discussed the firing of Donna Karan from Anne Klein – and her subsequent “re-hiring” the following Monday as a 50/50 partner in Donna Karan International.

He also revealed an important piece of business advice for students: Never have a 50/50 partnership! 

“In Japan a 50/50 split shows respect for your business partner,” Taki explained. “In the United States, it means that if you are in disagreement, nothing gets accomplished!”

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