Thursday, March 1, 2012

Win this book: The Image of Success

If the "clothes make the man" and you should "dress for the job you want," then Lizandra Vega's book, "The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land the Job You Want," (Amacom Books, June 2010, $16.95 paperback), might help you make a better case for yourself at your next job interview.
"Today's employment market requires you to be a chameleon: open to different ideas and flexible  to new approaches. Companies and positions are being revised and reinvented to fit the boundaries of the budgetary constraints. Finding a a comfort zone within your image is a time-consuming process," she writes.

Vega's advice in this book - which is for both males and females, by the way - goes beyond the usual "wear a dark suit and light shirt" you may have heard from your college counselor before your first interview. She breaks down what colors will look good on folks depending on what "season" they are. That's right, a la the 1980s color philosophy made popular by Carole Jackson in her book "Color Me Beautiful." If you don't know what season you are, Vega has helping hints. I, for instance, am a Winter, which, according to Vega, means in an interview situation I should wear a dark gray, navy, black, brown or forest green suit; a white blouse; and jewel-toned accents such as burgundy, cobalt or silver.

Click here to read an excerpt Vega's book on wardrobe extenders, such as scarves.

Finding the right interview suit can be tricky and expensive, but Vega has a scientific method for finding one, and getting it tailored so the fit is just so. Next she tackles the shirt, and then the shoes. But the advice doesn't stop there. Hairstyle is addressed, as are makeup, jewelry, undergarments, scarves, ties, fingernails, tattoos and even eyeglasses.

And that's just the first half of the book.

The latter half very helpfully deals with behavior/comportment. Have you given thought to how you will sit in the interview chair? Where you will focus your gaze? The language you will use? Vega has. She also provides resume tips, thank-you letter advice and things to consider once you've landed the job. Such as making a counteroffer.

About the book (from the author's website):

Does your image project success... or failure?
When you’re on a job interview, this may be the most important question you face.
Does your image project success? 
The real secret to getting hired and getting ahead is that people routinely make assumptions about your intelligence, abilities, sophistication, character, and likely performance based on your image alone — that is, the way you look, behave, and communicate.

As an executive recruiter and Certified Image Coach, Lizandra Vega has guided thousands of job candidates through personal makeovers that enable them to ace interviews with cool confidence and win the jobs and promotions they want. And now, in "The Image of Success," with her comforting blend of humor and straight talk, Vega presents hundreds of invaluable tips on personal style, body language, etiquette essentials, and more — helping you to avoid pitfalls and create the kind of consistently classy professional image that will convince employers of your inherent value to their organization.

From selecting the perfect interview suit for your body type and budget . . . to making sure your phone and written communications are consistent with your professional image, The Image of Success will give you the edge you need to be hired — and promoted — over all competitors.

About the author (from her website):
Lizandra Vega grew up in the Bronx, a first-generation child of parents who moved from Puerto Rico. She attended Wesleyan University. Upon graduating from college in the early 1990s, Vega was accepted as a company member of the Spanish Repertory Theatre in New York City. She later worked for several years at a major recruitment firm, where she earned a top-notch reputation for representing executive talent. In 2003, Vega cofounded Perennial Resources International, a full-service, boutique-staffing firm based in Manhattan. 

In order to provide her clients and candidates with a higher standard of service on image presentation in the workplace, Vega completed the Fashion Institute of Technology's Image Consulting Certification Program. She is a Certified Image Consultant and a past board member of the Association of Image Consultants International New York/Tri State Chapter.

Vega resides in Westchester County, N.Y., with her husband and two children. Read her blog here.

Win the book:
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tua022012 said...

Thanks for the insight. I look forward to reading more from all of you.

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Diane aka Téné said...

It is always useful to get new advice on what to wear... Trends may change from one geographical location to another, as from one professional domain to the other--I wonder if this is covered in the book?

Robin Siegerman said...

This sounds like a book that should be required reading for every single student graduating from college! I have interviewed dozens of graduates for positions in my design firm and was shocked at what many considered appropriate interview attire and behavior! About time someone wrote this book!
Robin Siegerman
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