Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest blog: Geri Makris reviews 'The Fund'

Avid reader Geri Makris of St. Peters, who recently won a copy of H.T. Narea's debut novel "The Fund" (Forge-Macmillan, May 2011, hardcover, 464 pp., $24.99) on this blog, was kind enough to write a review of the book. Below is Geri's take on "The Fund." I love it when things come full circle! Thank you, Geri. 

I enjoyed  "The Fund" by H.T. Narea. I would give it four stars out of five. The novel was an exciting thriller and, I felt, a cautionary tale. The plot was intricate with nice twists and turns.  Before 9/11 one would have thought that the whole idea of serum such as the one in the book was a fantasy. However in this post-9/11 era, it really hit home. 

For the most part, the characters were well defined.  However, I did think that the women were somewhat one-dimensional. I really never felt an emotional attachment to Katy. He could have been more effective in forming the female characters by providing more insight into them as people, as opposed to defining them in terms of fashion and sex.

I also felt a bit confused by characters who appeared to have some importance to the plot, who just sort of disappeared, e.g. Galbraith and Gubbins. What the heck happened to the traitor, Galbraith? Gubbins was just never mentioned again. No repercussions for falling asleep on duty? What the heck?

The author did a nice job of tying it all together at the end.  The success of the whole horrendous plot seemed pulled straight from the experiences preceding 9/11.  Another group of people, each for his or her own reason, ignoring signs that should have raised red flags a plenty.

I thought that the historical facts tied into the story gave it richness and texture.  I learned from those inclusions. I also think that Mr. Narea portrayed the radical, Muslim terrorists with sensitivity without destroying the sense of inevitable doom.

Overall, it was a good read. I am so glad I had a chance to read it and will certainly recommend it to others.

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