Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fans of horror fiction, here's a free book for one of you

Mercury Entertainment Editor Diane Hoffman gets all kinds of interesting things in the mail. Usually, it's music. But today, Diane opened up a package that contained a novel, "The Armageddon Chord," - the debut novel of author/musician Jeremy Wagner.

(So there is a musical tie, after all).

Diane has donated this novel, which is set to be released next month, as a free book giveaway for my blog.

If you would like this copy of "The Armageddon Chord" (kRP Publishing, August 22, 2011, paperback, 254 pages) just say so! E-mail me at mkaras@pottsmerc.com with your mailing address and I will pop it in the mail to you. (Please note, your address will not be sold or put on any kind of marketing list ... I just need to know where to send the book).

This novel belongs to the horror fiction genre - something I believe you can get a feel for just by perusing the cover, pictured above. It's been described as "The Da Vinci Code with a heavy metal soundtrack."

Click here to see the novel's trailer. (Since when do novels get trailers? Since recently. This isn't the first one I've seen ... and I will say it did make me laugh out loud).

According to Wagner's website, "The plot of The Armageddon Chord revolves around a particular chord which lies within an ancient and unholy song written in hieroglyphics. The song is unearthed from beneath the Egyptian sands, and upon discovery, it is learned that if the diabolical music is transcribed and performed for the world to hear, it will bring the Apocalypse upon the Earth and unleash literal Hell. Two men will do anything to bring the song to life, and one guitarist, Kirk Vaisto (whose name and personality is inspired by guitar greats Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai), finds himself torn between the realms of divine good and monumental evil as he tries to save the world and his very soul."

About the author (from his website):

Chicago native Jeremy Wagner, pictured at left in a publicity shot, has written lyrics to more than 70 published songs along with recording six albums, two MTV videos, and touring in 16 countries with his bands, Broken Hope and Lupara.

Over the last decade, Wagner has focused his artistic passion primarily in writing fiction. Wagner has been published in RIP Magazine, Terrorizer, Metal Edge, Microhorror and various works of short fiction published through Perseus Books, St. Martin’s Press, and Ravenous Romance Publishers.

Wagner’s most recent published works include the short story, "Romance Ain’t Dead," which appears as the first story in the zombie-romance anthology, "Hungry For Your Love" (St. Martin’s Press), and the short story, "The Creatures From Craigslist" in the anthology, "Fangbangers: An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love" (Ravenous Romance Publishing).

On the music front, Wagner is with Lupara doing rough mixes and writing their second album at Mercenary Digital Studios. Wagner has also resurrected the band, Earthburner — the extreme grind band he formed immediately after Broken Hope disbanded.

Wagner resides in Chicago with his wife Kym and his step-child. To learn more about the author and musician, check out his website.

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Michelle Karas said...

Congrats to Tim M. of Denver, Colo., who was selected to "win" this book. Happy reading, Tim!