Monday, November 29, 2010

Deer hunters, this one's for you

In honor of deer season's kickoff in PA, and the fact that my stepdad, stepbrothers and nephew are traipsing around state game lands in Centre County today looking to kill Bambi, I'm posting about a deer-hunting book ...

It just so happens that there's a deer-hunting book that's published locally. Pro Tool Industries, right here in Pottstown, has published a new book by author and outdoorsman J. Wayne Fears.

"J. Wayne Fears' Ultimate Deer Hunter’s and Land Manager's Pocket Reference," was published in mid November 2010 by Pro Tool Industries.

According to information from Pro Tool, the quick reference book discusses topics including white-tailed deer hunting and management, managing plants and land for deer, deer harvest information, butchering tips, hunting lease management information, deer facts, downrange ballistics, hunting safety, getting the pH of a food plot, how to form a club, and how to find a deer biologist where you live.

“Whether it is the ballistics of your favorite deer rifle, how to
score a trophy buck in the butcher shop or on hoof, writing a hunting lease, fertilizing honeysuckle correctly, making your own food plot mix, or determining the weight of a deer without a scale, it is all inside this handy little book, " said the author in a press release. "The book is designed to go into the field with the hunter or landowner. It is the most readily available information on the white-tail deer ever assimilated and placed at the hunter’s and landowner’s finger tips in a small book format.”

“What I like about this little book is that it is loaded with information the landowner, farmer,
rancher or hunting club president will find valuable, as well as, a ton of valuable information for the hunter," added Pro Tool Industries’ General Manager Mark G. Scheifley. "It is a convenient size to go in a hunting coat pocket, keep on the dashboard of a truck, or carry in a day pack so that the information will be at hand when you need it.

"I will bet it will be used many times in the future to settle those campfire debates all deer camps have about deer and deer management. This book is being releases just in time for the holiday season and is a great stocking stuffer for every deer hunter or landowner on your list.”

The Ultimate Deer Hunter’s and Land Manager's Pocket Reference is available at

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