Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Author to sign 'PA Breweries' book tonight at Craft Ale House

Two of my favorite things - Pennsylvania beer and books - are the subjects of an event tonight at Craft Ale House in Limerick. Yes, that's right: The event is TONIGHT (Tuesday, Oct. 26).

I do apologize for the short notice, but for that I'd like to blame others: Gary and Melissa Fry, owners of Craft Ale House, to be exact. They must've been too busy recovering from their recent employee appreciation field trip to Stoudt's Brewery and from hosting a pumpkin carving contest last night to send me a proper press release ...

But, through the wonders of Facebook, I have learned that author Lew Bryson will be at the pub (one of my fave drinking establishments, by the way, as they feature 16 revolving kegs of craft beer) from 7 to 11 tonight to promote his latest book, "Pennsylvania Breweries," 4th Edition.

According to the CAH facebook page, Bryson will be "laughing and drinking and eating and oh yeah, selling and signing copies of his new book. We will also have a nice selection of local PA beers on tap to compliment his book."

I would ask you, What could be better than combining beer and books? Then I would remember that when I have enjoyed some high ABV beer at CAH, I usually am not following that up with a whole lot of ... reading. Trash talk and consumption of CAH's famed garlic popcorn, yes, but reading - not so much.

My suggestion would be to read Bryson's book BEFORE you celebrate responsibly ... that way you'll know what kind of beer to choose!

To his credit, Bryson has visited ALL of the breweries in Pennsylvania - all 73 of them - four times over. From the book's Facebook page:

(Bryson's) not just traveling around drinking beer: this is his job, he takes it very seriously, and he does it all for you. This is the 4th edition of his bestselling guide to the breweries and brewpubs of Pennsylvania: the biggest, the best, and the most up-to-date.

You’ll find all the breweries and their stories here:

• Oldest: Yuengling, in Pottsville, brewing at the same location since 1829.

• Highest: Straub, in St. Marys, at almost 1800 feet above sea level.

• Biggest pub: HofbrÀuhaus, in Pittsburgh, can seat 1,300 happy drinkers.

• Most medals: Stoudt’s, in Adamstown, won over 20 medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

• Most macabre: North Country, in Slippery Rock, is in a former undertaker’s parlor and morgue.

• Fishiest: Crabby Larry’s, in Chalfont, is located in a fish market and seafood restaurant.

• Most breweries: Lancaster County is home to seven breweries.

"This is a travel guide, and you’ll find plenty to do with family and friends besides the wonderful brewery experiences you’re sure to have....With Lew Bryson’s expertise to guide you (and his deft writing to entertain you), you’ll find traveling the Keystone State a more rewarding experience than ever."

A signed copy of Bryson's book "complete with chatter," he says, will cost $20. At any rate, it looks to be a book that will guide you through the storied breweries of the fine Keystone state (I have visited only Yuengling and Weyerbacher to date ... I plan to add to that list in the coming months).
Plus, it you buy a book and have a chat with Bryson tonight, you can accompany that chat with one of CAH's fine craft beers for about $5. Sounds like a fun Tuesday night!
Craft Ale House is located at 708 W. Ridge Pike, Limerick. To learn more, visit craftalehouse.com.


Craft Ale House said...

I just want to add that you were absent from "last nights" pumpkin carving contest. We were looking for you.

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Lew Bryson said...

Thanks, Michelle!
For the record...Amazon is selling the Kindle edition for $9.99. They have the big, fat, I-oughta-be-selling-it-by-the-pound trade paperback for $13.57. List is $19.95. At the signing, with autograph and chattering with the author...they're $20. Hope to see you tonight!

Michelle Karas said...

Sorry for missing the pumpkin carving event, Gary. I'm waiting to see the posted photos and/or video! I was at work until it was too late (sad, lame tale, I know).

And thank you, Lew, for correcting my book pricing error. I changed it and updated the blog.

Lew Bryson said...

You're certainly welcome; it was a pleasant surprise to meet you at the event last night!