Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Win this book

If you'd like to "win" my copy of Ralph Heath's book "Celebrating Failure: The Power of Taking Risks, Making Mistakes, and Thinking Big, just comment on this blog post and include your name and mailing address. If that's not private enough, feel free to send me an e-mail at mkaras@pottsmerc.com.
One person will be selected at random to "win" the book. (I'm a firm believer in recycling!) I'll mail it to you.

Complete disclosure: My copy of this book, sent to me courtesy of Career Press, is paperback, has some slight underlining and perhaps a coffee stain. So, it's in "like new" condition. But hell, it's free.

***Yes, this was a shameless tactic to get some blog hits***

1 comment:

Michelle Karas said...

A day after the column ran in print and the blog published, I've gotten four e-mailed responses, but not from anyone who wants the book. The first was from the book's author, thanking me (very classy, Mr. Heath). One person solicited a story, and two people wanted me to join their sites/blogs. I will find a new "home" for the book if no one asks for it ... but, seriously?