Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet FUBU founder/biz author Daymond John in Philly Thursday

Dying to know how FUBU ever became successful?

Here's your opportunity to meet and ask questions of Daymond John, founder/CEO of the FUBU clothing line, brand strategist and star of ABC reality show "Shark Tank."

John will be signing the book he and co-author Daniel Paisner recently released in Philadelphia Thursday. The signing for "The Brand Within: How We Brand Ourselves, From Birth of the Boardroom" (DOP Publishing) will be held at Borders, 1 S. Broad St., beginning at 6 p.m. with a Q&A session.

The book, according to the publisher, is the second nonfiction book in the best-selling "Display of Power" series. It examines the loyalty of relationships companies seek to establish by attaching celebrities to their brands and the instantaneous impulses consumers exhibit when purchasing a product.

Daymond John is recognized as a branding and marketing authority and a consultant on the urban/pop culture marketplace. He describes the evolution of a brand – from its generic inception to its watermark – and offers expert commentary on iconic personal "brands" ranging from Tiger Woods to Muhammad Ali and branding as it pertains to corporations such as Blackberry and UPS, among others.

"From the day you’re born, you’re branding yourself," he writes. "Until the day you die, you’ll advertise your character, your integrity, your passion, your faith, your background — all on the back of every choice you’ll ever make as a consumer of goods and services and ideas. You’ll look up one day and realize you’ve been reshaped and reconsidered in much the same way Web sites like Amazon and Google can track your purchases and searches and develop a kind of user profile to help them suggest items or links that might be of interest. Every move you make will establish or re-establish your position and shape your future."

Co-author Daniel Paisner has co-authored nine New York Times best-sellers, including headline-making books with such celebrities as Serena Williams, Ivanka Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Montel Williams and Denzel Washington.

The authors spotlight the growing pains of several high profile personalities and companies and considers how their iconic personal brands have evolved over time:

Tiger Woods: The pinnacle of the personal brand who stood for integrity, determination and excellence — who went from the being the best golfer in the world with millions of endorsement deals and public speaking appearances to a fallible human being forced break from the professional golf circuit and his richly-compensated career.

Muhammad Ali: How the greatest boxer of his generation endured a major controversy when he joined the Nation of Islam, refused to serve in Vietnam and is still, today, is thought of as one of the iconic sports legends of the 20th century.

Bruce Lee: How this fighter, philosopher, screenwriter and acting legend single-handedly created a film genre and a worldwide interest in the martial arts

Blackberry: How this smart phone transformed the exchange of information, evolved into a brand that stands for clarity, precision and speed

UPS: How the company has branded its staid image into a cool one through the use of the color ‘brown’synonymous with its trucks and uniforms and company tag line, "What can Brown do for you?"
According to Internet reports, John started FUBU in 1992 with a line of hats made in his house in Queens, N.Y., and grew it to a $350M/year clothing business.

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