Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Multi-author book signing event August 15 in Lebanon

Author Joan Landis ("Oh My God... She's Huge!") sent me the following notice about a booksigning in not-too-far away Lebanon, Pa.:

to be held at the Waldenbooks, Lebanon Valley Mall
20% of the proceeds to benefit the Lebanon Library

10-11 a.m. discussion panel on how to become an author with a publishing contract with Megan Hart, Savannah Russe, Jeri Smith-Ready, Mindy Klasky and Maria V. Snyder

11 a.m.-4 p.m. Author Signings

Authors include:
Angela Ginnetto, Romance
Vicky Burkholder, Romance
Arthur Ford, Fiction
Victoria Smith, Romance
T.K. Marion, Civil War
Natalie Damschroder, Erotic Romance
Brian Keene, Horror
Savannah Russe, paranormal Romance
Byron N. Morrison, Fantasy
Sandy Asher, Children 11-2 only
Charlene Haines, young adult
Kelly Ann Butterbaugh, children’s history
Doris Washington, poetry
Robert Vogel, Fiction
Dr. Dewey Shaak, Memoir
Richard Curtin Military, fiction
Dr. Laszlo Geder, Memoir
Mindy Klasky, Fiction
Frank Bittinger, Horror
J.F. Gonzalez, Horror
Maria V. Snyder, Fantasy
Misty Simon, Romance
Joan Landis, Self Help
Megan Hart, Erotic Romance til 12
Lucy Finn, Romance
Andy Pete, Fantasy
David Boyle, Horror
Jeri Smith-Ready, Fantasy
Diane Troup, Autobiography

List subject to change without notice
Raffles to be held throughout the day for items donated by various merchants in the mall.
Other items to be raffled are: Gift basket from Megan Hart
U.K. signed versions of Maria V. Snyder’s Study series

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Chris said...

As a recently published author, this would have been a great event to make it to. Somehow I gotta get this info a week before rather than a week too late! Gotta work on that one. www.outskirtspress.com/desire