Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And I try to avoid paying more than $10 for a book...

...but then, none of mine are bound in marble and velvet:

Most expensive new book arrives in NY from Italy
NEW YORK (AP) -- It's billed as the world's most expensive, most beautiful new book.
Valued at well over $100,000, a 62-pound handmade tome depicting the life and work of Michelangelo has arrived at the New York Public Library, fresh from publication in Italy.
The velvet- and marble-bound book will be on public display next Tuesday.
Publisher Marilena (Mah-ree-LAY'-nuh) Ferrari jokes that she created the extravagant book because she's "crazy." It takes six months to make each book, using Italian artisan skills dating to the Renaissance. The copy on display was donated to the library, but more than 20 books have been sold.

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